Presence is the ability of knowing who is subscribed to a channel in a given moment.

You can activate presence with the following option option in sys.config:

[{carotene, [
    % ... Other configuration options
    {presence, true}

Check the chapter Full configuration options for a full explanation of all the configuration options.

If you don’t need presence and you have a high traffic, consider not activating it. Internally, in multi-server environments, it will ask for presence in every node of the cluster, and it may be a more costly operation than simple publishing or subscribing to channels.

Access from client

To ask for a channel’s presence, you can do the following call from the client JavaScript code:


Note that, for security reasons, the user asking for presence must be already subscribed to the channel.

Access from backend

To get presence information from your backend, simply perform a GET request to /api/channels/[mychannel]/presence, where [mychannel] is the channel you are asking information about (wihouth the square brackets). You will receive the list of user ids subscribed to the channel.