Configuring SSLΒΆ

SSL is highly recomended for security reasons, but also in order to have a higher chance of successful websocket connection when the user is behind a restrictive proxy. To configure SSL you have to add the following configuration rules:

[{carotene, [
    % ... Other configuration options
    {ssl, [
        {cacertfile, "/etc/my-ca.crt"},
        {certfile, "/etc/server.crt"},
        {keyfile, "/etc/server.key"}

With the location of your corresponding cacert, cert and key files.

Once you have configured Carotene with SSL support, don’t forget to access your Carotene server with wss:// instead of ws:// in the client side code:

    caroteneUrl: 'wss://'

And also don’t forget that the API will now be accessible via https:// instead of http://.