Adding PresenceΒΆ

In this step, we will add to our live scoreboard a counter of the users that are subscribed to the chat in a given moment.

Many real-time applications need presence. You may even use presence in your backend to see the list of users that are online in your application by setting up a common channel for authenticated users.

Adding presence is easy. Just enable it in your Carotene configuration in _rel/carotene/releases/VERSION/sys.config, relative to your Carotene installation. Substitute VERSION for your version of Carotene.

[{carotene, [
    % ... Other configuration options
    {presence, true}

Once you have changed the configuration, restart Carotene to reload it:

$ _rel/carotene/bin/carotene stop
$ _rel/carotene/bin/carotene start

And now we can make this call in our JavaScript code:

    Carotene.presence({ channel: 'chat' });
}, 2000);

Carotene.setOnPresence(function(presence) {

Finally, add an HTMl element to the bottom of the scoreboard where we will update the counter of users:

<div class="row">
    Connected users: <span id="connected">0</span>

With these changes, we will get a live counter of the number of users subscribed every two seconds.

Note that a user can have several connections open to the same page, so we will only count the number of unique authenticated users connected.

This is what we have built so far:


This step was quick. In the next one we will see how we can restrict access to a channel to a set of users.

Check out the next step of the tutorial: Authorization

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